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Hi, I'm Genesis

A Software Engineer & Open Source enthusiast based in Norway, with rock-solid experience in building complex applications with modern technologies

About me

Genesis Guerrero Martínez was born in Santa Marta, Colombia. Since 2014 I have developed many types of web applications and building tools to help businesses grow.

I share my experience in web development, frontend research, open source and developer lifestyle on Twitter with people seeking guidance in the tech industry.

It's my pleasure to have been named a Python Ambassador in Colombia and participated as speaker in the NodeJS school day.

Currently, I am a Software Architect at Ventura TRAVEL.

8+ years of experience

Software Development

IT consultant

Performance Engineering

What I can do

A freelance software engineer specialized in both front-end and back-end web development with solid experience in building scalable products. I can bring your ideas to life with code or help you to improve your existing product.

#NodeJS #Python #TypeScript #NextJS #ReactJS #SolidJS #Postgres #NoSQL #Django #Hasura #PWA #AWS #GCP #Golang #ReactNative #GraphQL

Random facs

  • I drink a lot of coffee
  • I'm into rock and metal music
  • I love craft beer, especially IPAs
  • Play the bass guitar is my zen time
  • I'm addicted to Soulsborne and FPS games
  • I'm currently learning Web3 and Golang
  • I like anime, Berserk is my favorite
  • I am open to participate in early-stage startups
  • I'm a veteran Vim user, check my dotfiles (New version here ) .

I write, sometimes

About web development and life.